Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012

im touched!


seriously. im touched.
im touched with this kind of man.
salute him and her.
so much!

link. tengok cepat.
sekarang dorg da kawin and dena pregnant already

Ya Allah.
Maha Adil. Maha Suci. Maha Bijaksana.


im also crying when i watch this video.


Cinta berlandaskan Allah.
and thats why
im awaaaay from my facebook
im afraid, i couldn't have this super fairy tale story like this
im afraid, i cant stand my heart to be loved again. and hurt again

i dont afraid

because Allah is beside me
if he want me
he will ask Allah to love me

and yes.
im on my way to be your complete princess ever.

so not need to worry to love me before u see me
no need to hear my voice
no need to feels my soft hand
no need!

just need your pray to Allah
and my heart will step into your wishes.



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